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50498-CR - Aquarium Außenfilter Jebao Typ 503 Keramikringe 500g

Aquarium External Canister Filter Jebao Typ 503 Ceramic Rings 500g

Quick Overview

• Mechanically acting filter medium
• for removing suspended solids
• 1 pack for about 2250m³ water
(Base price: €5.92 / kg)
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SKU: 50498-CR
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Ceramic glass rings for the placement of internal or external aquarium filters.

Mechanical working aquarium filters are mainly used to remove suspended solids.
By their special shape and large surface Ceramic rings provide for an ideal water turbulence in the filter basket.

By this means suspended particles can be deposited during the descent whereas coarse dirt particles are removed from the water cycle.

This highly porous form offers with the same size more than the double settlement area for bacteria than conventional ceramic rings.

Additionally, they provide for the optimal conditions for the settlement of filter bacteria and by this means reduce peak loads of nitrite more efficiently than conventional filter materials.

Due to their small size ceramic rings can even be used in the smallest components of indoor, outdoor and cascade filters.

1 package unity is sufficent for about 1500m³ water and should be cleaned at regular intervals. An exchange is necessary only in the event of strong mechanical damage.
SKU 50498-CR
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 16 mm
Inner diameter 8 mm
Spare Part for HW-503
net Weight [kg] 0.5000
Package: Height in mm 40
Package: Length in mm 160
Package: Width in mm 120
Availability Immediate dispatch,
available within 2-3 business days*
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