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About us . . .

Warehouse 2 WilTec Wildanger Technik GmbH - Königsbenden 12 - DE-52249 Eschweiler

WilTec Wildanger Technik GmbH is one of the largest mail order companies in German-speaking Europe.

Since its beginnings in January 2001, WilTec Wildanger Technik GmbH has supplied more than 1 500 000 customers in almost every country in the world.

Among these customers are many well-known Global Players like Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., Infineon Technologies AG, Siemens AG, Lidl, Thyssen Krupp AG, Audi AG, BMW Group, Volkswagen AG, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co KG, Deutsche Bahn AG, Daimler AG and many others.

Company directors Bernd Wildanger (*1977) and Frank Wildanger (*1979) have been implementing computers and networks since 1988 and have expanded their knowledge and skills continuously ever since. In 1997 internet retail trade as well as the implementation and design of websites was added to their expert-knowledge and is continously growing.

At first, the company was originally specialized in the marketing of LED products. First, the company specialised in dealing with single coloured LEDs. The product portfolio then started to grow quickly and has been continuously expanded to the nowadays wide range of interesting products. With this increase in product variety WilTec branched out into more and more markets and thus ensured the company´s existence and continuous growth.

Due to strong partnerships with manufacturers and strategic, customer-oriented thinking WilTec Technik GmbH has rapidly become one of the largest suppliers on this market. WilTec has achieved a leading market position and is among the most popular shops for technical products.


Continuous growth resulted in continuous business expansion:

2004       WilTec moved to it's 1900sqm property at "Königsbenden 12" in the city of Eschweiler.
2006 A neighbouring property of 6000qm was purchased, additionally.
2007 IT-changeover from an ERP System to SAP R3
2009 As the lack of storage space restricted business growth, another warehouse is being planned on the company's property "Königsbenden 28".
2010 IT-changeover from an ERP-System to ACC
2010 The newly built warehouse opens at "Königsbenden 28", Eschweiler. It holds up to 2900 Euro-palettes and has 4500m³ available. This way, it helps to realise and ensure the supply of our daily distribution processes.
2011 Construction of a power house for automated storage of small parts
2012 Construction and implementation of 11m high Hänel-Lean-lifts for the consignment of small parts by light beam
2012 Conversion to a paperless warehouse system by introducing Warehouse Management Software (WMS) LAGOS W&E: linking of all parts of storage and storage operations. Upgrade of the packing desk software from PT5 to PT7. This upgrade accelerated daily pre-sorting and route optimization from originally 5 hours to 10 minutes, thus making a storage pass-through time of only a few hours possible.
2014 Property acquisition of 33.935sqm (~3,4 hectare) located in a neighbouring industrial park. Planning of future area use and application for the construction permit for the first two warehouses on the new site.

Creation of to introduce our company and allow information to be communicated swiftly and easily to our customers. The blog is, of course, available in several languages: German, English and French. Site development and realisation of first construction phase at our new location.


The two warehouses at the new location were occupied in March. With 6,900 pallet spaces and movable rack system, optimum use of the storage space is possible.


The company continues to grow and soon the storage space in Halls 4 and 5 will no longer be enough. Since 25 % of the new storage area was already occupied before completion, the planning of further warehouses on the large site of the industrial and commercial park is now underway.


In the spring the construction of the warehouses 6 and 7 starts. A storage area of 3,205 m² is to be created to cover the urgent need for pallet spaces. The company continues to grow, and storage space is running short. It was autumn and the new warehouses could be put into operation. With more than 6,000 new storage spaces for pallets, enough space was created to cope with the steady growth.

Warehouse 3 Wiltec Wiltec Wildanger Technik GmbH - Königsbenden 12 - 52249 Eschweiler

IGP Wiltec Wiltec Wildanger Technik GmbH - Ernst-Abbe-Str. – DE 52249 Eschweiler

Up-to-date, innovative products provide the company with new and interesting business opportunities. The recently-built warehouse ensures the required infrastructure for future growth and economic development.

IGP Planning Wiltec Wiltec Wildanger Technik GmbH - Ernst-Abbe-Str. - DE 52249 Eschweiler


We are your partner!

We are more than an impersonal Online-Shop. We provide individualised, customer-focused product and project consulting as well as excellent service, thanks to our highly motivated staff.

Due to large order volumes and close ties to the most important producers we are able to continuously provide attractive offers in our shop.

Our goals is to satisfy and impress you with our comprehensive logistic stock of a wide range of products, which we hold available, continuously. In addition, we ensure to also have all standard spare parts immediately available, to help you, whenever necessary.

Long-term customer ties and client retention is very important to us!


Company Data:

2001 (as GmbH since 2003)
Eschweiler, Germany
Members of staff:
125 in Germany
> 1 500 000 world-wide
> 3 500 world-wide
Manufacturers represented:
> 250 world-wide
Managing Directors:
Bernd Wildanger, Frank Wildanger
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