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The feeding of Kois

Referring to their alimentation, Kois are very demanding. It is not sufficient to feed them any ordinary fish food to keep them satisfied. There is a large variety of special diet, helping to promote them with respect to growth and colour, keep them healthy and provide for a good muscle building.

Koi food should contain enough minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Normally, these ingredients are added to the fish food in a sufficient quantity. It is important to properly store the food and not to make use of it after the expiration date. Due to wrong or very long storage the fish food loses a lot of important nutrients. It is the heat for example that destroys the vitamin C, known to be very susceptible to temperature. Make sure that Koi food is stored in an appropriate way, so that it is protected against the light. It should be stored in a dry, cool and hermetically sealed way.

The protein contained in the food provides for the growth and development of muscles. The protein should not be used to gain energy as this would lead to the effect that there is an increased secretion of ammonia through the koi´s gills. Said secretion has not only negative effects on the fish but also on the quality of the pond water. Therefore it is indispensable to ensure that fat and protein are added to the fish food in a balanced way.

Scientific studies have shown that a ratio of 1:2-2.5 fat to protein ensures that the fish obtains energy from fat whereas the protein is used to build muscles. Fat is not only the most important source of energy but also has a positive effect on the koi´s condition, thus making sure that the fish is more resistant and resistant to stress respectively.

Carbohydrates should not be included in Koi food. It may lead to the consequence that the fish becomes fat and suffers from liver dysfunction. Kois utilize carbohydrates in a very limited way, leading to the consequence that the main part thereof remains undigested and is excreted in the feces, thus polluting the water.

Observe carefully the Kois´ behaviour and adjust the feeding accordingly. The feeding should not only depend on the water temperature but also on the Kois´ activity. As for summer time, do not only feed prepared feed but also fresh fruit, vegetables or insects. One fasting day per week during summer time helps to relieve the intestine and provides for healthy and active fish. Feed smaller quantities of food several times a day, corresponding to the natural way of the kois´ feeding. Moreover, it helps to protect the water quality and the pond filter.

With respect to the growth and well-being of your kois it is essential that the animals are fed regularly by maintaining a constant quantity. We therefore recommend the use of automatic fish feeders.

Automatic fish feeders offer a large variety of possibilities in order to control the feeding, thus ensuring that an optimal quantity of fish food is released into the water at the right time exactly. Fish feeders are easy to install and operate reliably. The carps get well used to the automatic fish feeder and quickly get accustomed to this way of feeding. Of course there is no argument to go on feeding the kois by hand or to make use of a fish dome. This toy allows a better observation and helps to detect diseases at an early stage.

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  1. CFF-206 Automatic Fish Food Dispenser Programmable Feeder &Solar Panel

    • Solar operated automatic fish food dispenser
    • 1 – 6 feedings per day
    • Length of feeding up to 20 seconds
    • 120° horizontal spreading range
    • Food can be spread 1 – 3 metres
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    SKU: 55563
  2. Automatic Fish Food Dispenser 800ml Programmable 1–6 Feedings per Day

    • Adjustable feeding times
    • Suitable for up to 800 ml grain food or sticks
    • Incl. bracket for easy mounting next to the pond
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    SKU: 7003958

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