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* Pflichtangaben

Invoice (payment on receipt of invoice)

Invoice (payment on receipt of invoice) you pay the invoice amount after receiving the goods.

How easily it works

Payment on invoice is possible only for large companies, public institutions or state offices, schools, universities and institutes. The payment on invoice is currently for private customers not possible. If necessary we reserve the right to refuse the payment on invoice.
The basis of every first order, payable on receipt of invoice is an order with letter head and signature per fax to 02403-55592-15.
Of course you can also transfer online.

Please make sure that you enter as usage your invoice number and customer number.

Your advantages:

• Convenient: You can pay the invoice amount up to 7 days after invoicing.
• Convenient: paper invoice is included in the shipment and at the same time you get the bill as email.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive der Mehrwertsteuer, zuzüglich der Versandkosten